Free Shipping on orders over $30 (Code:FREESHIP30)
Free Shipping on orders over $30 (Code:FREESHIP30)
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welcome to the NEW carolyndraws wholesale!

If you're new to carolyndraws Wholesale:

Please contact us and introduce yourself and your shop if we’re not already acquainted – we’ll give you all the details and get you set up on our system!

If you’re already part of the Family, here are a few ordering tips:

Wholesale (WS) Cards are sold in bundles of 6.

To shop cards, simply visit the product page for the designs you’d like and add WS BUNDLE OF 6 to your cart from the TYPE dropdown menu and then indicate quantity of bundles you’d like to purchase in the QUANTITY dropdown. (In this example, a quantity of 2 bundles means a purchase of 12 cards of this design.)


Keep adding your favourite items to your cart. All other Wholesale (WS) items are sold individually, so if you’d like 6 pins, please add WS PIN to your cart and adjust the quantity dropdown to 6.

To take advantage of Wholesale (WS) pricing, you must only add WS items to your cart.

Total minimum wholesale order is $150 ($300 retail). Discounts will automatically be applied at checkout, but only if your order reaches the minimum order threshold.

We charge a Wholesale Flat Shipping Rate of $20 -- which is also automatically applied to qualifying orders at checkout.

So, to summarize (and troubleshoot): 

  1. Remember to add only WS items to your cart.
  2. Wholesale discount is applied automatically to qualifying orders at checkout. (no more codes!)
  3. A flat shipping rate of $20 is applied automatically to all qualifying orders.

That’s it -- any questions or concerns? Just contact us.