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about carolyndraws

cards for real people, inspired by real life.

Since 2010, carolyndraws has been celebrating real life occasions with laughter and more than a few eye rolls. Carolyn originally trained at OCADU and worked as an art director in advertising. She began making cards when she couldn't find ones she liked for friends that reflected her quirky tastes. Enough people were amused that she started making more.
At first, she worked with a letterpress and printed each card by hand, one colour and one card at a time. Not long after, when she couldn't keep up with demand, Carolyn joined the modern world and began working with a local printer, leaving her with more time to do the fun part -- designing cards. Every one is created in her Toronto, Canada studio using her own hand lettering, illustrations and unique perspective on life, parenting and coffee. 
More recently, the line has expanded to include even more cards that are laugh-out-loud relatable, pins that shine with snarky personality and loads of gifts that keep you grinning. The line is now carried in stores all over Canada and the US.
Check out the Shop and see what Buzzfeed, Chatelaine and Business Weekly (to name a few) have been going on about. 


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