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grow up. send a card.

Hello, Card Sender!

Congrats on your Adulting Card Kit. Now you have everything you need to be prepared for every card-sending occasion! Here are a few tips that'll have you sending cards like a pro in no time.

First, gather everything you need: your Kit, some stamps if you're mailing and the name and address (if needed) of the lucky recipient. 

Let's write your card.

Sometimes the what-to-write is where the well-intentioned stumble the most. Birthday cards are easy. Sympathy cards? Not so much. The only thing that really matters in the end is that you are genuine and that the recipient gets that card. And if you're ever in doubt, send a card -- it'll never be a mistake to let someone know that you're thinking of them!

Q: Should I date the card?

A: You can, and many people do in the inside upper right hand corner. But if you don't know the date (of a birthday for example), it's okay to leave it off.

Q: Should I use "dear [name]" or another salutation?

A: Depends on the occasion and how well you know the intended recipient. It's perfectly acceptable across the board to start with the person's first name "John," (or "Mr/Ms [last name]," if you share a more formal relationship).

Q: How much should I write?

A: Keep it short and sweet and personal (again, unless it's a card for someone you know more formally, like a supervisor at work) It's nice to add a funny anecdote or warm joke if you can but it's not necessary.

Q: What do I write?

A: Here are a few ideas for different occasions ...


"Happy [age if known] Birthday, [name]. Hope your day is as great as you are."

"Happy Birthday -- I'm so glad to be able to celebrate you today! Hope the year ahead is full of great things!"


"Congrats on your retirement, [name]. Enjoy all of your well earned freedom from the clock!"

"Here's to you, [name}! Congratulations on your retirement. No more timesheets for you!"


"Congrats, [name] and [name]. We are so thrilled to be able to celebrate with you and wish you years of happiness and love!"

"Congratulations on your Wedding Day, [name] and [name]. Enjoy every moment of your special day!"


"We are so sorry for the loss of your [relation]. [name] was so loved and will be very sorely missed."

"Condolences from our family to yours on the passing of [name], May [his/her/their] memory be a blessing to you through this difficult time."


"Congratulations on your graduation, [name]! You did it and all of your hard work has paid off."

"Huge congrats on your Graduation -- you did it!"

Empathy/Tough Times:

"Just a quick note to say that you're not alone. I'm here if you need anything -- to talk, to cry or to lean on. [phone number] 24/7."

"I'm sorry to hear about your [event] and I just hope you know how strong I think you are. And what they're missing out on."

Q: Where do I find postal codes (Canada)?

A: Often you have someone's address (maybe from a visit) but not their postal code. It's the most important part of the address in Canada and you can use the street number, name and city to look up postal codes HERE.

Q: What do I write on the envelope for mailing?

A: You'll need to write the recipient's NAME, ADDRESS (including city + province) and POSTAL CODE. Ideally it should be formatted as follows:

Sarah Jones
123 Main Street, Apt 104

You don't need to add "Canada" to mail a card from within Canada to another Canadian address. And don't forget to add your return address to the back of the envelope.

Q: How long does a card take to arrive by mail?

A: You can find transit times for mail sent via Canada Post HERE. As a general rule of thumb, it's always a good idea to mail things a little earlier than you think so you don't miss an important occasion, but if you can't -- better late than never! People LOVE getting mail and getting it there is the important thing.


Have more questions? We love card-senders and would be happy to help make it easier. Message us HERE and we'll get back to you with some more tips if you need them!





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