Q: Do you seriously make all of this stuff yourself?

A: Yes. Pretty much. Every illustration and idea is my own and any type is done in my own handwriting. 

Letterpress stationery: I cut all of my own paper, mix my inks myself and print each piece one colour and one card at a time. My press is OLD and fully manual so it really is a labour of love! I fold, trim and package each card myself too. (This is the part where Netflix comes in really handy!)

Magnets: every single illustration is punched out, glazed onto the glass and fixed with a super strong magnet by me. My elves help me sort the finished magnets and put them into tins and then I stick a label onto each one. This is how we spend our off the grid summers, every year.

Calendars: all of the illustrations are my own, as well as the fonts. Because of the quantities I need, I have these printed locally in Toronto on recycled stock. (I do carry them into shows, though!)

Tags: every illustration is my own, and I cut each tag out of remnants from my card printing so very little fancy letterpress paper is wasted. I punch and package them myself too.

Temporary tattoos: those drawings? Mine. The ideas? Mine too. But since my science degree isn't in inkery, I send my designs off to a Canadian company that turns them into cool, skin-friendly, FDA-approved temporary tattoos. Then I package them up for you and ship 'em!

Q: Where are you based?

A: carolyndraws is a Canadian company, based out of Toronto Ontario. Want to get in touch? Click HERE.

Q: Do you wholesale?

A: Holy heck, yes! We love spreading carolyndraws love to new neighbourhoods. If you know of a store we should talk to, tell us HERE. If you have a shop that needs some carolyndraws sparkle, contact us HERE for a catalogue! 

Q: How about custom work?

Q: What's your favourite colour?

A: I love doing custom work. Send me a note HERE and let's collaborate!

A: Purple.