New One of a Kind friends and things I loved.

The One of a Kind Spring Show and Sale over Easter weekend in Toronto was really great -- it was busy, I saw lots of new and returning customers and friends and I'm pretty sure I ate my weight in panned eggs over the five days.

I loved being a part of the Rising Stars section for a second time. It was as much fun and hard work as the Christmas Show, but without the Great Anxiety about the unknown -- how much to make, how to get it all there, how it would all look, if it would sell and how much tea I'd need to get through the show. I met so many other great artisans just starting out at the OOAK and so many more veterans with great products.

Because of the nature of the Rising Stars booth, though, I found it hard to have help and so was tethered to my booth for most of the Show. Accountant Paul believes that this positively affects the bottom line at the end of a show. His theory goes something like the less I can wander a Show, the more I bring home in the cash box. (?) Odd and so not fun logic.

Regardless of my limited explorations, here are a few things I spotted, and coveted, on my few short trips to and from the loo while at the Show.

Greg Voisin Pottery here (love the turntable and bicycle built for two!)

Stitch & Spoke lovely t-shirt here

Akai Ceramic Studio here (I got a little cake stand that's perfect for one cupcake)

Adorably Surly Puppets here (LOVE these. I swear if they could talk, they'd share my sense of the absurd.)

Marijke Bouchier beautiful jewelry here

Tiffani Sabri here Seriously trying to find a wall to put one of her pieces that I don't yet have but will ;)

Visit them and check them out if you get a chance. I always love the opportunity to support local artists!