Having it all.

Inspired by the recent memo from Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer (mandating that employees *cough* report to the office for work) and this great post by MommyShorts that summed up the last twelve years of my working life in one blog post, I offer up my contribution to the "having it all" or "finding balance" discussion.

Pretty much, I've come to the conclusion that we moms can't really have it all. At least not all on the same day.

We all kind of do what it takes to get through the day. Some of that is working away from our kids, in peace. Some of that is working with one kid on the hip (and the other pulling at our hair) and still getting it done. Some of that is getting someone else to take half the load.

My hat's off to everyone who makes it work most days, even if that means making it up as they go. 

(And to their wife.)