Can it be July again?

It's been a very busy off the grid summer ... despite my general tendency to give in to the sun, lake (chips, wine and) canoe most summers, I'm well on my way to my goal of 600 sets of handmade magnets ready to go for the Christmas One of a Kind Christmas Show. (Yes, I said Christmas. In August. And yes, I should be punished for it.)

Oooh and YES -- I DID say the One of a Kind Show! (Strike a big one off the Bucket List.)

Summer math: 6 x 600 = 3600. Three. Thousand. Six. Hundred. Magnets. (my kids have become really good at multiplying rows of 17 drying magnets by however many rows we've done!)

But thanks to my hardworking little staff, we've almost finished up. Just in time to race home for school and haul out the letterpress to begin printing loads of stationery!

Stay tuned for coupons, updates and more new designs just for the Show. I can't wait!