Parenting Myth #437: Kids wearing uniforms equals less laundry.

The uniform policy our school adopted two years ago came along with lots of upside. The pro-dress code people sold us on less wardrobe competition between the kids, fewer appropriate attire issues at school, less laundry and no hassle every morning on the way out the door (even I knew that one was a long shot). Oh, and it would save us money.

Wait ... WHAT?! Less laundry?

I was all in. I have three resident laundry-makers, after all.

Fast forward two years and one very unscientific survey later. The kids are wearing blue and whites to school and every. other. thing. in. their. drawers. afterward.

According to my calculations, I'm not even saving on laundry detergent. And with a tween in the house, well, suffice it to say that we've seen a definite increase in creativity with regard to "appropriate" attire.

Sigh. Myth debunked.