10 Things about the One of a Kind Show


Next year: a Big Girl Booth!

One: You have no idea how much fun can fit into a 3'x3' spot on the rug -- meeting new people and artisans, talking shop, eating out of a drawer and being part of a Show I'd been attending for years (and years) was amazing. (Thanks to all the nice people from OOAK for all of their kind encouragement and help!)

Two: Gel sole inserts are a good magnificent thing.

Three: Friends who come bearing snacks, an hour of their time and smiles/tears of encouragement are even better.

What did you think I meant when I said 'eating out of a drawer'?

Four:  A little bit of caffeine in the morning, every morning, does a girl good. Who knew?

Five: My family rocks. From making magnets all summer, building my display (and hauling it all into the DEC), pitching in with meals and carpools to putting up with eleven long days of absences (and the laundry that goes with it), they made this all happen as much as I did.

(Many thanks to my QC girl for playing hooky one day to help!)

Six: Probably best not to try to accomplish any important jobs, like getting dressed, for a day or two after the Show closes. It's hard to get out of bed to do them.

Seven: Next year I will make buckets of hearty, yummy soups ahead of time for keeping warm and well fed.

Eight: Trading is my new favourite way to shop.

Eleven days of poutine cards and it was all I could think about. I even quizzed my french neighbours about Poutine Best Practices.

Nine: Just as I suspected, everyone loves poutine even if they won't eat it. (Must find more poutine. Must make more cards, too, after the holidays!)

Ten:  TV makes you look goofier than you ever thought possible, even in your worst groundhog day dreams.

And now, to get to the decorating/shopping/laundry/housecleaning/inventorying and stockings hung!

If you missed the show, never fear. The Spring One of a Kind Show is just around the corner and I'll be there too!