A truly special Valentine.

This is the only copy I have of a new design I created in early January, before our house was burglarized. (Maybe you were wondering why I haven't been around? It's hard to blog on the iPad you share with an 8 and 9 year old -- hello Angry Birds! -- while you wait for your new computer to be rowed here from China!)

I had uploaded the poutine valentine in anticipation of a post the day before my computer was taken but the design for this new letterpress card was on my desktop and not backed up.


Now that I've got a new computer and some new software, I'm getting back to the business of creating. Starting with remaking this little gem. And the second it's finished (after I hit 'save'!), off to the plate maker it will go so that I can have cards made and ready for my spring shows. Woot!

So Happy Valentine's Day, friends. I hope yours is truly one of a kind.♡