The Sketchbook Project 2012

I read about The Sketchbook Project last fall after the deadline to submit books had passed (of course).

It sounded like so much fun that I've been stalking the Net, waiting and hoping for a 2012 edition. What do you know -- last week the Google Alert Fairies came through and I signed up right away!

I'm super keen and plan on making my sketchbook this summer's project. I was going to take the summer 'off', after a crazy busy couple of months last year trying to negotiate intense deadlines from a cabin in the woods with a fickle internet connection and rotten solar battery. But the theme I picked, "things found under car seats", has me so excited I can't wait to start. (What? Your car seats are not that entertaining? Have you looked under them lately?)

It works like this: artists of all stripes sign up and receive the same sketchbook to fill as they see fit. (I think the only rules involve holding off on glitter and hazardous 3D materials.) Once the sketchbooks have been returned to the Art House Co-op, they go on tour. This year, it's an international affair that actually makes a stop in Toronto! Books can also be browsed online.

Very exciting -- I'll be sure to share a few spreads once I get mine underway! Wish me luck and feel free to send inspiration.