My Long Winter's Nap...

... in typical working mom fashion, wasn't really a nap at all. My day job kind of took over for a few months.

(*tap, tap -- anyone still out there?*)

And then we went away for a week (which, for those with children, involves weeks of prep beforehand and eons of laundry afterward). Then we had three kids in hockey and got a new dog. And there was more laundry.

But there's been illustration too. Mostly when I've been staring hard at deadlines I didn't want to face. So I've got lots saved up to share, even if I couldn't post for a while.

Get ready to hear all about the exploits of Larry-the-Lab-n-something-something, lots of fun new magnet designs, some things that have been inspiring me lately, a couple of upcoming Shows and maybe even a tale or two about trying to get my new old letterpress up and running -- once it's up and running for real, that is.

All that, in between the three hockey seasons that are wrapping up, swim meets and horseback riding that's about to start. And of course, the Job that won't go away (good thing -- Mommy wants a laptop!)