I've arrived at the Crazy House.

Kids are painting rocks. Kids are cutting ribbon. The Best Husband Ever is getting out the power tools and our 6 year old Quality Control Expert is giving me the thumbs up at regular intervals.

It's my first ever Craft Show and it's taken over the House.

Check out Booth #26 at The Beach Arts & Crafts Show this weekend, June 12th and 13th -- that's where I'll be Saturday and Sunday with lots of carolyndraws stuff. I'll be the one in the blue striped tent subsisting on Diet Coke and Nibs. With the "carolyn" t-shirt on, curled up in my lawn chair hoping I don't have to get a part-time job at Starbucks on Monday morning.

Here's a quick glance at the state of affairs at my house this past week. (So it's not that I haven't wanted to post, it's that I couldn't find my keyboard.) I'll be back on track (and online) Monday with a full recap of the weekend's events!

Fingers crossed for sunshine (and lots of people who like fairies, freezies and magnets)!


Prints, prints, prints -- all needing framing or bagging!


Miles of magnets, waiting for ... magnets.


Even cuter in a little tin, with a sweet label.


My new display walls ... BEFORE.


and AFTER!


Those sticky super magnets again, all labeled and ready.


Prints lining up too.


 Handmade gift tags for birthdays and showers and everything in between.


Getting ahead ... Holiday cards (only six months to go!)


 Did I mention the perils of working with super magnets?
(Don't try this at home.)


If you're in the neighbourhood this weekend, please pop by Booth #26. I'd love to see you!