The experiment: carolyndraws does a craft show.

carolyndraws did the Beach Arts & Crafts Show this past weekend and despite the weather, had a pretty great time. (the cooler full of Diet Coke and Nibs came in really handy. so did the two rolls of paper towel and large tarps)

Here are some pictures of the Big Weekend. Unfortunately there are none of the enormous number of Fans, Friends and Family who came by, wished us well, ducked in, dried off and picked up a few super magnets -- but we were sure glad to see them!

Quite a learning curve, it turns out, doing a Show. Here are Five Things I Learned From Doing My First Outdoor Craft Show:

1.  One cannot overestimate the value of a good tent. And an emergency tarp.

2.  People may think your art is "really great", but they go bananas for little tins of cute magnets.

3.  Craftspeople work tremendously hard. I put in six weeks of insanity prepping for this one show, but most of my neighbours said they do anywhere between 30 and 60 shows a year! (A YEAR!! That's a lot of packing and unpacking of cat pottery ...)

4.  Being IN a craft show is a tremendously cost-effective way of attending one.

5.  If you have a nine-year-old who likes to wrap things and knows everyone in the neighbourhood, she's worth paying to come along. Especially when the thermos of green tea you've consumed comes back for a reckoning.

Enjoy the pics!


Setting up. Getting expert opinions on fairies.


Stock Girl hard at work making sure magnets are perfect.


Ready for business. And rain.


Magnets and gift tags and cards, oh my.


Magnets in little tins were a huge hit!


What they looked like inside ... and what the few sets leftover will look like on Etsy later today!