That's one lap.

Sometime last week, I realized that it had been a whole year since I started this little space. Wow.

I'm not sure there's much, aside from child-rearing and marriage, that I've ever stuck to for a whole year before. (Well there was the eighties hairdo, but in my defense, it was the eighties.) began as a way for me to transition between life as an art director in advertising to life as an art director with an illustration portfolio. (Thanks, Mom and Amy, for visiting most days and emailing to see if I was dead when I didn't post.)

Here I am, 364 days and almost 100 drawings later.

If you're new here ... welcome aboard! Visit often as I'm wearing out markers putting together lots of surprises for the coming year. To come? Greeting cards and all kinds of goodies.

If you've been here since Day One, a big thank you and I owe you a cupcake.

In honour of the Big Day, I'm holding my very first GIVEAWAY!

Simply leave a comment telling me what you'd like me to draw next and you'll be entered into a draw for one of my favourite prints "Anatomy of a Jumbo Freezie". If you don't have a clue what I should draw next either, leave a comment telling me something else. Something you won't mind my mother reading.

Contest closes Friday at 6 pm Toronto time. Winner will be announced on Monday! Happy commenting and many xos.