Homemade bread, the easy way.



Last Friday, I helped the Grade Two class bake bread.


(I know.)

A few Moms were asked to show the kids how it was done, with prop dough and all, and tell everyone about the difference between leavened (with yeast) and unleavened (you got it, no yeast) bread.

(In a word, my daughter informed us -- with apologies to the Mum in charge of unleavened bread, and Jesus -- that one tasted like 'rock' and the other was super-yummy.)

The poor teachers just about went insane with the smells coming out of the staff room and many people asked for the recipe so I thought I'd pass it along. It wasn't mine, after all. 

This recipe (thank you, Jim Lahey, Sullivan Street Bakery!), took all the scare out of baking homemade bread for me -- so much so that I knew I might never buy store-bought again. It lets time do all the work. And seriously, no kneading.

Give it a go at your house. It really is simple and quick. And you can make it with any kind of flour you like -- whole wheat, white, organic, cheap, fancy. It doesn't matter.

But do beware: you should probably make two at a time. In our house, homemade bread has a way of disappearing on its way out of the oven. Kind of like cookies and socks.