Something new.

Thinking about other ways to get little bits of carolyndraws out there into the world, I was inspired by the magnets on the wall behind my computer screen. Magnets are a dime a dozen, but so are FRIDGES! And I love magnets that stand out. So I began to figure out how to make some of my own that would be super sweet, not too costly and very original.

I started with a little experiment drawing teeny, tiny cupcakes.


Then, I coloured them and had them printed out. Pretty!


Next, I set each cupcake into a little 3/4" circle and trimmed them. I'd already ordered, and waited several weeks for, handmade glass marbles, special glue, sealer and Mighty Mouse strength super magnets. (In my opinion, if a magnet can't hold a small child up on the wall, it's useless. It's totally worth the extra money to get great ones.)


Good thing I made lots of extra little cupcakes, because glue and nine year olds can be tres messy. (Yes, I've got staff. I pay them in clean laundry and jelly beans.)

And now, back to the work ... we stuck the glass marbles onto the cupcakes, taking care not to stick our fingers to them too.


And, after sealing the backs with another coat of glaze, stuck on a magnet with super-never-come-off-until-you're-old glue (I wouldn't eat these for any number of reasons, not the least of which being the glue. And the fact that glass doesn't settle well.)


A day, many gluey fingers, and much McGyvering later, voila: wee little knock-your-socks-off carolyndraws magnets for us. (And maybe for you if I negotiate well with the Union and get them into the shop.)

While we were at it, we made these too.


By the way, I apologize now for the quality of the photography.

In all of my years of art directing, I guess I paid more attention to the snack table than I did to the "tricks for shooting glass so it doesn't look dirty and shiny" part. Photographers, my hat's off to you all.

Happy weekending!