Quick ... Valentines!

What does an art director do when her nine year old client decides she wants 'unique' Valentines this year? (Last year, she handmade her own, but this year she's looking for something a bit more sophisticated. But not off the shelf. And a labour of love that doesn't interfere with her hockey schedule.)

Well, Mom to the rescue.

We drew a bunch of hearts, scanned them in and tidied them up. Then we coloured them and laid them out in a grid. Next we came up with several backside rhymes and we set them up on a separate page.

The result? Some pretty respectable Valentines on a very tight deadline. (Are they ready yet? Are they ready yet? Are they ready NOW?) We'll stick 'em to heart shaped lollipops and deliver on Friday.

If you don't go to our school, feel free to pinch the design HERE. (Just print them off double-sided at home on card stock, or at your local business supplies store, address them and presto.) Enjoy!