Pairs of pears.

I'm in the middle of another stretch in the studio and I find that despite my best Type A plans, absolutely nothing goes according to plan. Screening is not a sport for the faint-hearted. Especially the faint-hearted who really, really love their rulers. Or clean fingernails.

I had several images I was planning on printing (some I even burned onto my screens) and then one day at lunchtime, doodled these pears that were on our table.



Here's the doodle.



I scanned it into my computer, coloured it digitally to figure out what my "colour" layer would look like. Here's the blob that would eventually be that colour layer. (I converted it to black in order to create the shape I want on the screen for the coloured ink to pass through.)



And then, I mixed some super gorgeous inks. (This was the fun part.)



Almost there. No pictures of the actual screening process, but there were screens, squeegees, spills and lots of paper towel involved. This was the extra fun and messy part.

And presto. A limited edition of 25 six by fifteen inch prints! Like? Tell me what you think!