Gift your friends, teachers, aunts, vet, clients, hairdresser ...


Check out what's brand new at carolyndraws just in time for the holidays: Perpetual Calendars, fresh off the press! Yay!!

Each month is illustrated by moi, printed on gorgeous cardstock and coil bound so you can flip monthly, and you guessed it: perpetually.

Here's how it works: there's no year on this calendar, so record each birthday, anniversary, important date on the date and month that it occurs (you can add the year as well, so you'll always know how old they are or how long they've been together). Keep this calendar forever, adding new tiny humans, anniversaries and memorable occasions as they occur and forget about ever updating your new annual calendar again. (Whew. Not my favourite activity every year!)

This calendar's the perfect gift for anyone who needs to remember birthdays, like:

1. Teachers. (Especially the ones who don't look at you funny when you show up in slippers at drop-off)

2. Dog walkers. (They work in the rain a lot and never forget birthday treats for Spot. How, you ask? Well ...)

3. Hairdressers. (You don't want them taking out angst on the part in back you can't see.)

4. Grandmothers. (How do you think they always remember birthdays anyway?)

5. Clients. (This'll make you look both thoughtful and clever.)

6. Assistants. (No worries about picking the wrong size, colour or style.)

7. Coffee baristas. (No explanation needed. These folks are lifesavers.)

8. Cleaning ladies. (See #7.)

9. Hockey coaches. (Or the wives of hockey coaches, who are we kidding here?)

10. Hostesses. (Especially the ones who throw nice parties, but even for the ones who don't.)

11. Aunts. (This might be the one thing they don't have.)

12. Piano teachers.

13. Violin teachers.

14. Vets. (They have birthdays too.)

15. Doctors.

16. Your partner's assistant. (The one who remembers your birthday and tracks your partner down when he/she won't pick up.)

17. Other Moms in the yard/playtime/therapy group.

18. Bookclub Ladies. (Particularly if the wine and desserts are good at Bookclub.)

19. School Secretaries. (Beats candles, chocolate and perfumey soaps, hands down.)

20. Sisters. (Especially if you have large families.)

21. Brothers. (So your sisters don't have to keep reminding your brothers when to call the folks any more. Your sisters-in-law will thank you too.)

22. Brothers-in-law. (Think of it as a present for your sisters.)

23. Cousins.

24. Neighbours. (The hardest people to buy for. But especially perfect for the ones who can 'mistakenly' shovel snow onto your side.)

25. Favourite Bloggers. (Hint.)

I bet you can think of dozens more. Which is why you should check out my shop and get a few before they're gone! Get one for yourself and, while you're at it, pick up one or two extra to have on hand for those annoyingly organized people who always spontaneously show up with the perfect, most thoughtful gifts during the holidays.

It beats trying to keep chocolates on hand (without opening the box, that is).