My favourite month.

I've been asked many times over the years what my favourite month or season is and I'm never sure. Each of the months has so many of its own merits -- September brings back to school and warm sweaters, December the holidays, April the promise of spring, February skiing ....

Then there's July.

My birthday is in July so I've kind of been biased in its favour for a long time. And July means the kids and I pack up kit and kaboodle and move north for a while, to our cabin. What's not to love about a month that marks the beginning of summer, freezie season and flip flop weather?

But these days, I love July a little bit extra because I'm experimenting with hand-drawn lettering and July is short and sweet. Stay tuned to see what happens when the best parts of each month mix well with my marker, some interesting typography and clever print production.

Do you have a favourite month, by the way?