Rainy day talents.

Yesterday was a thunderstormy day. At the cottage, we played umpteen rounds of Uno, Crazy Eights and Sorry, did a few Perler Bead crafts (don't ask), went into town and visited the library and ate peanut butter chocolate ice cream. Lots of it. And in between downpours, I had the kids race out and bail out the tinnie (our small rowboat), just for fun.

Just as we were almost out of ideas and solar power, the kids asked me to draw them things to colour. (Why didn't I think of that?!)

Over the next few days, I'll post their efforts, beginning with Claire.

She wanted a sketch of a vase of flowers, and then wanted to know exactly what species each of my made up blooms were, so she could colour them accurately. Sigh. And so started a conversation about 'artistic license'.

Am thinking I should farm out this blog and make 'em earn their suppers.